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Krot of Kans SKI FENCE

A Fence which protects the mountain environment

After the unseasonably warm temperatures and lack of early season
snow during the last winter, global warming has been at the forefront of
winter sports enthusiasts minds. To counter this very real climate change,
ski resorts are turning to artificial snow manufacture.

We do however understand that the manufacture of artificial snow is costly
in terms of energy and quantities of water required. It is estimated that
snowmaking in France uses as much water as a town with 170,000 inhabitants.
also it is not jet fully researched what the efects of the chemical additives
on the nature are.

This facts rise the question; do we really need to ski that early. The Ski-Fence
releases its skis only if the temperature drops enough in order to create a strong
underlayer which protects the flora of the mountain.