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Krot of Kans MONOBLOCK

The Monoblock is a molded chair made out of two to three grams
of Polypropylene. It is made in one working step (approx. 60 sec) and out
of one piece. The shape of the Monoblock is designed to use as less material
as possible but anyhow having a good stability. The chair is light and easy
to transport. Most people do not really like the Monoblock. They easily come
up with cultural pessimistic theories about the consuming aspect. There seem
many people to think that a wooden chair is more ecological then a
Monoblock. Even the UNESCO does forbid the chair in certain cities. The fact
that one of the most sold chairs is that disliked made me think about the
importance of design these days. Can t we love a chair when its not a trend?
What makes us loving something? Does mass-production destroy our ability
to love an object? During my research I started to like the qualities of the
Monochair. It started to get human, a kind of ugly dog who went to a swan
of perfection and hidden beauty. Because of existence problems and the fact
that the chair is nearly not to destroy, the mono-chairs factories are closing
slowly their doors.

My mission is to make the Monoblock exciting, showing what the qualities
are in funny functional and non-functional objects, which areall connected
with each other. All my Objects did not cost me more than 5 euros and are
made out of the original shape. Only materials and the time do change the
use, and the personal value. A mass product gets individual.